Monday, December 19, 2011


One last announcement: everything is moved!  So come on over...


See you there!


Greetings, friends... and long time no talk!  I actually am not apologizing for the lack of posts recently, as I have been most-enjoying a wonderful break from design work, and spending every precious moment with my two kids.  Wow, they are fun!  Confession... I haven't totally taken a break.  I am always designing my own house!  Lately most purchases have been made at garage sales and thrift stores, because, as I mentioned... I most-enjoy my time off even though the paycheck no longer exists.  My paychecks are named Isaac and Gracie.  Fun!

On to my announcement.  As work has picked up a little bit, I have picked up my websites, dusted them off and decided to finally combine them from two sites to one.  I will be dismantling this blog site in the near future, and have relocated the blog content to the design portfolio site.  You know, keeping all things in one place = sanity simplification!

I hope you will follow me over to my updated site, as I plan to blog about my last two years' worth of thrifty-treasure finds and flea market bargains.  (translation: Ebay)  And hopefully a few new projects to post as well.

See you soon, at:

Ciao Bella!